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【Staff Review】Night Factory Cruise “Jungle Cruise” in Yokohama

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This time, Tabiplusone staff joined one of the popular night view observation tour: night factory cruise called “Jungle Cruise” in Yokohama. It was totally unique experience to watch the factory at night.



1,General impressions



4,Notice and Advice

1、General impressions

It was not the typical romantic cruise, but it was absolutely unique experience watching illuminated factories and smoke stacks at Keihin industrial area, especially recommended to photographers and people who like to try something new. It’s easy access from some of the popular spots in Yokohama.


1、Departure from the popular visitor spot “Red Brick Warehouse”,so you can enjoy strolling before or after the tour.
2、It is not a huge cruiser, so it goes close to the factories and you can even hear the sound of flare stacks.
3、There is a guide explaining about not only factories but bridge and ships.(Japanese only)


3ー1 Schedule

After the reception, walk into the inside and receive a hot drink which is called “Flare Stack”(Non-alcohole lemonade drink)

※It’s brighter before and just after the departure.


It was winter and cold, so it was so nice to have a hot drink.


The seats are all non-reserved seats and have drink holders. It was so warm inside^^

Smoking area is only the first floor back deck, and there is a toilet too.

After the departure, the inside will be darker so you can enjoy the night view even from the inside of the curiser!

The cruiser head to the Keihin Industorial Area whose number of factories and workers are No. 1 in Japan.
Moreover, this is the only night factory view from the bay.

Passing Rainbow Bridge, Daikoku Long Bridge and Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge, the cruiser entered Keihin Industorial Area.


The beautiful orange illumination of Higashi-Ohgi Oil Terminal.


It’s a bit blurred… there was a huge ship in front of Nisshin company’s factory. There were gigantic cranses carrying contaiers and behind the ship cranes, there were huge cranes of V shaped.


Enjoy watching different factories while crusing…


we reached the one of the best highlight “Showa Denko” factory!
It was staying majestically like a fortress, and it was the moment I heared the sound of phots most.


Time flied so fast and we started heading back to the pier.

Please note that on the way back to the pier, you will see the beautiful Yokohama night view in front(it may be more beautiful than factories), so it’s better you leave the battery and the memory capacity to enjoy taking photos till the very last moment. You may also see other illuminated cruisers or ships around!

3ー2 Access&Fee


Access1:From Bashamichi station
It’s about 10 minutes from Bashamichi station Exit 6.


Once you step out, keep walking straight and across the bridge.

While you are walking across the bridge, you will see the Ferris Wheel on your left side illuminated☆Do not forget the time when you are enjoy taking photos.


After the bridge, turn right at the first traffic light.


Walk through the Red Brick Warehouse to the bay, you will see the cruiser on your right side.




Access2:From Nihon-Ohdori station
Step out from the exit 1 and walk to right.


Turn right at the first traffic light and walk along the street.

On the way, there is a narrow slope you need to walk up.


Then across a short bridge which you can observe the illuminated Red Brick Warehouse on your right side.


Walk through the Red Brick Warehouse to the bay, you will see the cruiser on your right side.


Age 12 and over:¥

Age 3 – 11:¥

You can book via Tabiplusone

4、Notices & Advices

1、Seats are all non-reserved and we highly recomend the right window side seats! It’s because the spots are normally on the right side just after the departure, so it’s the best to enjoy watching the night veiw or taking photos plus window sides’ seats are  slightly warmer than other seats.(In the summer it may be slightly cooler.)

2、The cruiser, of course, will be always pitching so we highly recommend to use continuous photo shooting!

3、If you are planning to join on the weekend and summer vacation season(from the middle of July to the end of August) are mostly fully booked so it’s better to book as early as possible.

4、It will be really cold on the deck even it’s on the middle of September, so please make sure you wear or bring warm jacket or so.However, it will be clearer view in the winter than summer due to the clearness of the air.

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