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【Staff Review】Amazing Robot Restaurant Show!!

release date: : last updated:2016/01/29 Staff Review

This time, Tabiplusone staff went to the unreal world “Robot Restaurant” with excitment!! The show was just outstanding and it was totally different world!!



1、General impressions

2、Recommendation points



5、Notice & Advice


1,General impressions

The show just blow us away! It was totally the beyond-expectation show with various robots and performers with live music and neon lights! Dynamic performance one after another and you may even not have time to breathe. Everybody got excited and enjoy waving their glowsticks or taking photos.

2,Recommendation points

・Fight and dance of huge Robots !!

・Overwhelming performance and live music!!

・Close to the stage. It is really close that you can almost reach!!



3 times on weekdays、4 times on Sat, Sun & holiday♪

Reception 30 minutes before the show starts


At first we headed to Kabukicho area.

The closest exit is this one. JR Shinjuku station east exit and walk underpass, step out from No.9.



Walk pass the Family mart (convenience store at the corner), go straight and you will see the signboard written ROBOT RESTAURANT !

There were so many foreigners.


Arrived and reception.

You can buy drinks and snacks inside the rounge space.

Reservation for meals are neccesary.

There is a rouge area we can have some drinks and snacks while enjoy listening live music. That night was metallic band.


IMG_0101_eAfter announcement of starting the show, we moved to underground floor. Even stairs are unique so we cannot stop taking photos.

As the show started, we all cannnot look away the performance and the hall was heated with feverish excitement.


The collaboration of Japanese drums and dance!!  Exciting!!

“Tengu”(Long nose goblin)  was playing guitar.


Evil Robots came to the peaceful island where pure animals live.

It was the beginning of their fight for survival‼︎


Dance of huge robots and performers!!


Dancers with lights illumination was so cool!!



We enjoyed a lot and excited whole time during the show! It was only-one show!!

You will not see this kind of show in other place!!

※The show may vary due to the date and season.


3-2 Basic information


If you book vis Tabiplusone, you will get discount!! Fee will be 5,200 JPY!!


Location: 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



・The meal was just OK.

・The less robots’ performance, more performars than I expected.


5,Notices & Advice

・The music and sounds will be really loud so, it won’t be suitable for kids and people who is scared of sudden loud sounds.

・Without reservation for meal, there are only snacks such as popcorn or french fries so it’s better not to expect “restaurant menu” as the name is “Robot Restaurant”.

・It’s better come early and enjoy the live music and drinks before the show starts.

・Do not expect enable to enter without reservation.


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