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【Staff Review】Samurai Experience!!

release date: : Staff Review

This time Tabiplusone staff joined “Samurai Sword Performance Lesson”!! It was so much interesting and full of fun.This is extraordinary experience, especially hold a sword and perform as an actor like Tom Cruise in the movie “Last Samurai”.


1,General impressions




5,Notices & Advice


1、General impressions

It was rare and exciting experience to wear costume, hold a sword and learn how to step, cut or defend. Moreover, play the role and acting performance was so much fun! Every single participant enjoyed being samurai and defeat enemies. It was totally worth joining!



It is not hard activity at all, so it doesn’t matter you do regular exercise or not good at sports.

You can join in the middle of Tokyo(near Akihabara) less than 1 hour and half.

Taking acting video or photos will be memorable souvenir for yourself.




3ー1 Schedule

Assemble at the studio.(This time the studio was in Kanda)

Kanda Studio

First we put on the costume. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take off all of your clothes. Just make sure you wear T-shirt and short pants will be fine and it’s better you wear and come because there is not proper changing room, just changing space.

Once we put on the costume, then we put the sword on the belt. I was already excited when I saw myself on the mirror.


The master introduced himself and staff, lesson schedule.



The first thing we learned was how to sit and bow. This is how to show the respect when we start the lesson(training)


Then lesson started!! we learnt 4 way of cutting with steps


1,Straight cut

2,Cut down from right shoulder to left waist

3,Cut body left to right horizontally

4,Cut from right waist up to left shoulder.


Each time we swing the sword, we have to shout out loudly to show the spirits. It was interesting and actually fun to do that with other participants.


Next, we did a form of movement such as Karate performance. The form was consisted by 10 movements from sword out to return the sword to its scabbard. It was a little bit difficult to remember, though it got some beauty in its movements.



After the practice, we move on to the main part, acting!! The scene was divided 8 movements and each participant was the main character then two of staff played enemies. Every single participant(me too) played like movie actor / actress even kids and we had so much fun!! The father of the participant family was really strong and we saw him as “Blue Eye Samurai”.


We actually tries many times until we got nice video shoot.



At the end we did same procedure again. We sat properly and bow to the master and said “Arigato gozaimashita”( means thank you).


Through the activity, we had so much interesting experience and fun. The master also told me that samurai always put their sword on their left waist side so they walk left side in order not to collide with other samurai’s sword when they pass by each other. Then this habit may affect that the cars in Japan run left side.


3ー2 Access&Fee

Kanda Station west Exit

Turn right and walk straight into the Arcade.

After the passing small shrine on your right hand side and meet the crossing, turn right.


Keep walking about 2-3 minutes, then yellow coloered stuio will be on your right side.IMG_1697_e

The fee varies depending on the number of participants and whether you book with costume plan or not.

Adult (aged 13 and older) w/o costume(more than 3 participants)  JPY

Adult (aged 13 and older) with costume(more than 3 participants)  JPY

Child (6 – 12 year-old) w/o costume(more than 3 participants)        JPY

Child (6 – 12 year-old) with costume(more than 3 participants)       JPY

One person w/o costume(2 participants)                                       JPY

One person with costume(2 participants)                                       JPY

One person w/o costume(1 participant)                                         JPY

One person with costume(1 participant)                                        JPY


Book via Tabiplusone


Check the booking website


Facebook page


The sword was too long and heavy for kids, so we wish there would be the shorter one.

If the master told us more about history or so, the lesson would have become more interesting.

If it is possible, then I wanted to buy a sword.



5、Notices & Advices

It is better to wear T-shirt and short pants to come. Then as soon as the staff are ready, you can put on the costume.

It is necessary to tell kids not to swing around the sword. The swords are fake, though still hearts someone.

It is recommended to bring video camera and a tripod if you have. Recording the whole lesson and watching later will be fun.

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